When Colors Speak For Kids

Feelor Touch the Color is a color pencil set that comes with a specialized character-form on the head. It’s intended as a teaching aid for blind, preschool children, who are able to grasp concepts of shapes better than mere words or Braille. For example, if they are to color their page a particular color say red; they pull out a pencil with the head shaped as an apple, because apples are red. Likewise a chic stands for yellow, clover for green, and so on…

This retractable lead pencil has a button on its side to pull the lead out or in and is ergonomically designed for a better grasp. The idea behind the project is nice, and the designing has been kept simple and easy for small children to understand. I think blind people have heightened senses, so touching and feeling for objects comes naturally for them. However, only the research experts in this field will be able to give us a proper verdict on the Feelor’s feasibility and acceptance.

Designer: Noh Ji Hun

Feelor Touch The Color – Color Pencils For Blind Preschool Children by Noh Ji Hun