My Happy Office Beer

It doesn’t hurt to fantasize about guzzling chilled beer while working in office, except most offices don’t have refrigerators (or beer-guzzling policies), and even if they did, you couldn’t trust anyone not downing your can! So how about this personalized locker-style Flip Stacking Personal Fridge for the Office? It’s the sort of mini-fridge (for each employee) that you can stack a-top of each other. Its’ unique L-Shape makes it easy to stack and it uses Thermoelectric technology allowing it to work in any orientation, even upside-down!

On the whole its able to accommodate cans, bottle and items that are up to 10 inches wide, as well as 10 inches tall, but takes up 25% less room than a 10-inch cube! It includes a stow-away shelf, letting the user mod the interiors according to items to be placed. I really dig the door handle though!

Designer: Spencer Schimel

Flip Stacking Personal Fridge for the Office by Spencer Schimel