Story Of The 90 Degree Charge

Plug on your gadget and hit the switch on…gadget recharges but you switch it off at your convenience; Waste of electricity. Let’s change this scene a bit, plug into the 90 Degree Charger, and rotate the plug manually to complete the electric circuit, like you do with a timer. When the gadget gets tanked up, the plug-point rotates back to the normal position, breaking off the circuit, thus saving on electricity. All eco-freaks are Happy! And So am I!

Designers: Jie Zhang & He-Peng Wei

90 Degree Electric Charger by Jie Zhang & He-Peng Wei



  • tudza says:

    Uh, most modern chargers are going to switch themselves off when the battery is charged. That’s how they are made anyway.

  • Johan says:

    Like Tudza said.

    Plus this design is just a regular electrical outlet timer that you can find in any hardware store today.
    Except that your design is less useful since it appear to operate only USB devices, unlike a normal timer that will work with any electrical equipment.

    Rated 1 out of 10

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