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I am a voracious reader but I must confess that I prefer paper to the E-Books. However I won’t let my bias get in the way of showcasing the Bibliofile Electronic Book Reader. This one’s a nifty reader that uses page-turning gestures to generate the power necessary to update an e-paper display. The display supports something called the Active Reading margin which features apps like dictionary and word games that make reading fun without distracting much.

Flip-side is that you still need to hook it to the mains for recharging. The gestures (of page flipping) provide cognitive, mechanical and digital feedback to the person using the device; plus additional juice.

Nadeem explains in detail:

The interaction that was developed for the final design has a margin that can be flipped up to go to the next page or flipped down to go to the previous page. The flipper’s taper allows it to be read comfortably on a flat surface. Alternative material combination, including leather and cast cork bases was explored. Bibliofile’s stylus has two buttons (one is the nib) that send a wireless signal to the device using the voltage generated by applying strain to a piezoelectric element. The stylus thus does not require batteries or charging. The major internal elements. Of particular importance is the diode bridge, which allows current to be generated regardless of which way the generator is turned. Using a color e-paper display and capacitive touchscreen, the interface supports stylus or finger interaction. It is designed with the challenge of updating the display as little as possible to conserve energy.

Designer: Nadeem Haidary

Bibliofile Electronic Book Reader by Nadeem Haidary










  • Ben says:

    Such a great idea! I love the way mechanical movement is implemented in a natural way for the readers comfort… Things like this could really make the “clinical” world of e-books take off! It’s more than a box with electronics in it, I’m a fan.

  • Albert says:

    I love that you thought about how to take the tactile experience of a book and transpose it onto an e-book. The book is arguably one of the oldest products and it has such a rich history, so I feel the design of existing e-books ignore that and just try to make it a desirable gadget.

    • joao says:

      tottally agree with you

      there is somtheing on a book that you don’t have on the current e-books

      the smell of the pages, the feel of the papper, the bookmark of the favourite pages is all lost on the e-books

      it’s good to see some projects that brings this back

  • AlienzExist says:

    Maybe you can pay more tribute to “Bibliophiles” by having more features that remind us of real books, like a cover or some sort of protection. This would further differentiate it from kindles etc. It also looks a little bulky in the photograph on the right. Is that a physical model? Excusable tho.

  • Sho says:

    Great design and good ideas but without a major bookseller i don’t think it will make it far in the e-reader market. I would like for the flipper to become a keyboard.

  • Baka says:

    Good design) has long wanted to buy a white laptop.

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