Stay Upgraded In Home Tech

Rapid modernization and our greed to stay updated with our technologies often create a wire-mess or redundant gadgets to loiter around our homes. Cost of upgrading all tech-paraphernalia at home, plus repair or replacement of worn-out parts leaves a dent that we don’t like. Solution? The Upgrade Modular Telecommunication System! With this magic modular strip you can customize your home network, combining the single modules to your convenience.

The premise of Upgrade is based on the need to replace a defected or outdated technique standard by replacing only the related module.

Each of the identical constructed modules performs a specific function and differs from its connection ports.

The modules:


  • The master module is the main module. It controls the module bow and processes the in and outgoing data.
  • The telephone module enables the connection of digital and analog telephones and fax.
  • The internet module connects to the internet.
  • The network module enables the connection of several network devices.
  • The wireless module allows the wireless network connection of computers and other WiFi devices.
  • The hard drive module serves as a central file server and offers the home network users to share their digital data.

Upgrade Modular Telecommunication System For Modern Homes by Jan König






The module bow can be upgraded with three additional external modules:

The repeater module


The repeater module expands the signal of the wireless module and improves the transfer quality over great distance or even through thicker walls. It can be plugged vertically or horizontally in a socket.

The audio module


The audio module can be connected to a stereo system and streams the music files, which are saved on the hard drive module, over the stereo speaker.

The media module


The media module can be connected to a display device (like a TV). It enables the user to view pictures, videos and music files saved on the hard drive module.

Designer: Jan König