This minimal hammer takes inspiration from Apple’s aesthetics and twists to become a rod!

The first historical reference of hammer dates back to 3.3 million years ago – a time when hammer stone was used to break-up smaller stones to craft tools. Now in the 21st century, the hammer has got countless versions, but the purpose still stays the same. To pound nails or any other thing into a surface or wooden objects. You would shun the argument for a modern hammer design, and say – after all a hammer is a hammer, what’s the big deal?

The I-Hammer by industrial designer ZJ-DDG has a “hammering” statement courtesy of its clever design which makes it more than any other handyman’s tool. First, the looks are all tailored for a modern world setup – modern home interiors to be precise. The use of white and metal cutting highlights the fact. Secondly, the unique functionality of hiding away the hammer end of the luxurious product all goes well with the urban crowd. After all, compactness supporting portability is the name of the game.

The unique steering mechanism of the I-Hammer transforms it from a hammer to a stick with the push of a button. The instant benefit – it is easier to carry and store. The beauty of it lies in the simple form factor which serves the purpose while being aesthetically attractive enough to carry in your backpack or even brag around with your friends while on a camping trip. Who says hammers can’t be pretty to look at while being highly functional. I-Hammer proves them all wrong!

Designer: ZJ-DDG