This two-part ring was designed so half would be worn on your engagement, and the other is added on your wedding

Emblematic of how marriage ‘completes’ people, Collide Rings designed a two-part ring that starts with the engagement… but is completed when the second half of the ring slips on during your wedding.

Designers: Kristen and Gavin Smith of Collide Rings

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A pretty nifty symbolic interpretation of ‘sealing the deal’, the ring sports a two-part design and a unique patented fastening mechanism that allows the two rings to interlock into one single larger ring. The idea behind the ring’s two-part design was to mark the two major events in any marriage – the engagement, and then the wedding itself. The idea for the rings was sparked by a pretty interesting question – why aren’t men’s engagement/wedding rings given as much attention as a woman’s ring? The future groom should be able to display his commitment with an engagement ring too, right? This set the husband-wife duo of Gavin and Kristen Smith on a journey to redesign the men’s engagement ring. The result isn’t just another fancy ring design – it’s symbolic, classy, and interactive. Most men don’t show off their engagement rings… Collide Rings hopes to change that.

The first collection offered by Collide Rings comes in both plain and studded designs. Using materials like 14k White Gold/Yellow Gold/Rose Gold, and even Platinum (along with conflict-free diamonds if you opt for the studded design), the materials for the rings are all ethically sourced and carefully recycled before being crafted right in NYC.

The rings can either be made plain, with an inlay, or with studded diamonds, with satin, polished, or brushed finishes; and each ring comes with the patented fastening mechanism that allows the wedding-half of the ring to lock securely and carefully into the engagement-half of the ring. Just like yin and yang coming together, the two halves of the rings unite to celebrate the union of souls. Trust me, this is one ring you’ll definitely be showing off to your friends and family. The rings ship only within the United States, starting June 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1500 $1875 (20% off). Hurry, only 2 left!