Wind Based Acoustic Coupler Radio

Nice name, huh? Actually the name is “Breeze Radio” but I thought it better to make it more technical to get you weird electricity connection lovers in here nice and interested. I recently discovered how easy it is to instal a light fixture. Exciting, huh? Knowing that, I find the concept of a wind based acoustic coupler radio pretty neat! Let’s get a better look at it!

Designer Chiu Chi Hung wishes to remind us of a time before hand-held flickering light-based mp3 players. A “sound-only era” as it’s described, using radio waves as medium.

When the sensor is activated and detects air flow, the radio is activated. Once the radio is activated and functioning, the sound produced, (the volume and “mood” produced,) is altered by the wind direction and intensity. Maybe it’s music… maybe it’s naught!


Designer: Chiu Chi Hung




Breeze Radio by Chiu Chi Hung