Nike LunarGlide+ Review

Nike is renowned the world over for their running shoes so when the LunarGlide+ racked up award after award for product design, I got interested. I’ve never been a runner so this was a golden opportunity to get my feet wet. Thanks so much to Kasey and Demetria for hooking up the sneaks. Hit the jump for my review.

One of the key features of the LunarGlide+ is the cushioning support Nike calls Dynamic Support System. The tech comprises of Nike’s ultra cushy LunarLite foam core providing support for both neutral and pronate runners. The “+” denotation indicates compatibility with the Nike+ iPod kit.

With my textile background, I easily recognized the tried-and-true materials of choice for footwear. Mesh uppers and microfiber layers provide exceptional support and are incredibly breathable. They also stretch quite a bit since feet tend to expand once the pavement pounding starts. The rear outsole is made of hard rubber which is perfect for me since I overpronate. The outside corners of my shoes always wear out first so it’s nice to see Nike has mastered this aspect without weighing down the shoe. The LunarGlide+ weighs a scant 10.6 oz.

I took out a whole month to use the shoe. It doesn’t come with the Nike+ iPod kit but a quick visit to the Apple store and a fresh pair of crew socks and I was ready to go. It is extremely comfortable, like air and with every step I felt some artificial spring. At times it gave me the forward momentum I needed while simultaneously cushioning my feet. If I didn’t know better I’d swear there was some sort of gel pad in there but no, it’s the LunarLite foam. It does it job very well.

That’s the real key behind all the accolades. It’s extremely lightweight, encompasses the latest Nike tech, combines great design and priced right in the middle of Nike’s range. In my month of everyday use, the shoe still looks new. The inner and outsole are intact and the foam cushioning hasn’t deteriorated one bit. At $100 it’s a bargain. I have continued to run even after my review. The shoe has converted me so that’s one more accolade the LunarGlide+ can add to the trophy cabinet.

Designer: Nike [ Buy it here ]