Your Own Personal X-Ray Machine

So you say you need a portable x-ray machine. Well. Let me tell you about this particular one. It’s called “RAY”, it’s designed by Cavallius Design group, and it’s just so very compact. Let’s say you’re on a camping trip, and you’ve got a generator with, but no x-ray machine! Well now you do! Let’s say you’re at the skate park and you’ve broken every bone in your body, and you want to see how bad it is, as soon as possible! Well now that time is cut in half! Just bust out your very own RAY!

Cavallius Design has all your transportable x-rays in one handy machine. It’s not as accurate as the gigantic machines used at the doctors office, but it works with your average household power and is controlled with any laptop. Just put the image plate under the broken bone, expose with the machine, and wowie! Instant image.

Extra notes: RAY Portable X-Ray System was designed in collaboration with NASA Johnson Space Center made with Jacob von Matern.

Designer: Jacob von Matern and Cavallius Design






RAY Portable X-Ray System by Cavallius Design


  • Tj says:

    I have to say, as an x-ray tech, this machine is highly implausible at the moment. First of all, the cost alone, these machines can cost 100s of 1000 of dollars up to the millions. Also, the portable machines in the hospitals are so big because of the massive amount of batteries needed to supply the Kilovoltage needed to create the energy potential between the anode and cathode so the electrons hit with enough forces to produce x-rays from the tungsten.

    The tube (the part that you aim at the body) is not large enough to house the spinning anode and the cathode. While the plug in models are a lot smaller, they are still larger than this because you need to have a step up transformer in the unit large enough to bring the Voltage to KV levels. Also, plug in models are very inconvenient, especially in an emergency situation, ie; breaking every bone in you body! This would be an absolute hazard in the ER department.

    Maybe in the future, with advancements in battery materials, as well as maybe other, high melting point materials such as tungsten may be found. Also, the imaging plates/detectors will likely become much more sensitive making this more plausible.

    One last thing, you need to have a License to own such equipment for use on people, also an actual Radiologist legally qualified to interpret the images.

    If this is possible now, it would be so expensive it would completely outweigh the advantage the equipment to the point that no one could afford to buy it.

  • Ram says:

    Why on earth, I want a personal X Ray machine is beyond me even if I have cancer and need Radiation therapy I will not consider this assuming I can afford one

  • umar says:

    Does this machine is harmful because it use x rays

  • jorge buenrostro says:

    would you tell me the cost for this machine, the specifications, kv,ma,time capabilities. tanks

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  • Prakash Jadhav says:

    Dear sir.
    My experience work in X-ray working filed of 20 yrs ago. So please send & call me for Portable x ray scanner is available in the market , appreciate if you could quote the price.

    I am from pune (Maharashtra state) India.

    I like to buy this machine .

    Please send a quotation on My mail id.

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