Your Own Personal X-Ray Machine

So you say you need a portable x-ray machine. Well. Let me tell you about this particular one. It’s called “RAY”, it’s designed by Cavallius Design group, and it’s just so very compact. Let’s say you’re on a camping trip, and you’ve got a generator with, but no x-ray machine! Well now you do! Let’s say you’re at the skate park and you’ve broken every bone in your body, and you want to see how bad it is, as soon as possible! Well now that time is cut in half! Just bust out your very own RAY!

Cavallius Design has all your transportable x-rays in one handy machine. It’s not as accurate as the gigantic machines used at the doctors office, but it works with your average household power and is controlled with any laptop. Just put the image plate under the broken bone, expose with the machine, and wowie! Instant image.

Extra notes: RAY Portable X-Ray System was designed in collaboration with NASA Johnson Space Center made with Jacob von Matern.

Designer: Jacob von Matern and Cavallius Design






RAY Portable X-Ray System by Cavallius Design