Illy Stays Chilly

Drinking an espresso has never become more and more enjoyable as time goes on for you, has it? The first, second, and third sips are always the best because eventually your ice cubes melt. Then there is the dreaded: diluted drink! But wow have I got a doozy to be showing you. You know it’s the icecube’s fault that the drink got all watery. So it’s time to change the icecube. Presenting the espresso ice machine for Illy brand! Oh so lovely.

But what! What would happen then you might ask? What happens when these ice cubes melt? Or are they unmeltable? Nay! They do melt indeed! But as they melt, they release fantastic flavors into your drink.

Hows about that?

As with many many many ideas on Yanko Design, called the “Illy Cafe Rocca,” is not (yet) in production. It might be some day, but for now, it’s only a concept waiting to be made real!

Designer: Chapps Malina in collaboration with Fahrenheit 212

Cafe Rocca espresso ice machine by Chapps Malina in collaboration with Fahrenheit 212






  • Dude says:

    What the ç”*&% is wrong with you, Malina?

    In my understanding, an expresso is thought to be the coffee for those who do not have the time to sit back and enjoy a nice 8.4 oz. cup of coffee.

    The power of a coffee, compressed into a 3 oz. cup of expresso. They even roast the beans longer, so when making the expresso, more taste and caffeine gets flushed out.

    So why on everything in the world should one drink an expresso with ice? I mean, if you wanted that, you just could order coffee ice cream?×1024/EiskaffeemitSchuss_88a57b6989cb83dd7b13af29836e79fd_wge_eiskaffee.jpg

    • Hartigan says:

      Dude, You are not a coffe drinker are you???

      In summer for example a nice iced-expresso feels great! But you have to make sure that you drink it before the Ice starts melting.


  • Jeff says:

    Probably means a frappe.

    But yeah, the common sense and knowledge in this place is shocking, in general.


  • Ok lets take this product and look at it from a business standpoint. Coffee shops sell coffee at a huge margin 1 to 2 bucks a shot, so each ice cube is going to have to sell for 1-2 bucks a cube or they are losing money. The other problem is age, your loading and freezing the coffee, so that 1 dollar ice cube you plop in is stale coffee not fresh brewed like the rest.

    Now imagine the scene at the counter customer asks for a iced coffee, and is asked if they would like free ice or the 1/2/3 dollar frozen version? I think that 9 times out of 10 the answer will be free. A easy test is this, ask a local coffee shop, make up 20 cubes in a domestic ice tray and then see how many are sold. I may be wrong but my 8 years in the coffee business says this is a dead end.

  • Ca.Ma. says:

    Probably is better think some machine for make ‘caffè shakerato’ a tipical italian summer drink.
    * 1 espresso, freshly made
    * Ice cubes
    Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice cubes. Pour the espresso over the ice. Add sugar or vanilla syrup to sweeten, if desired. Those with baroque palates may add vanilla extract or syrup, coffee liqueur, or lemon or orange twist. Shake vigorously for 10 to15 seconds and strain into a cocktail (Martini) glass or champagne flute.

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