Illy Stays Chilly

Drinking an espresso has never become more and more enjoyable as time goes on for you, has it? The first, second, and third sips are always the best because eventually your ice cubes melt. Then there is the dreaded: diluted drink! But wow have I got a doozy to be showing you. You know it’s the icecube’s fault that the drink got all watery. So it’s time to change the icecube. Presenting the espresso ice machine for Illy brand! Oh so lovely.

But what! What would happen then you might ask? What happens when these ice cubes melt? Or are they unmeltable? Nay! They do melt indeed! But as they melt, they release fantastic flavors into your drink.

Hows about that?

As with many many many ideas on Yanko Design, called the “Illy Cafe Rocca,” is not (yet) in production. It might be some day, but for now, it’s only a concept waiting to be made real!

Designer: Chapps Malina in collaboration with Fahrenheit 212

Cafe Rocca espresso ice machine by Chapps Malina in collaboration with Fahrenheit 212