Sushi Bench by Gabor Jutasi

Designed in minimal style, the bench making a Far Eastern impression calls to mind the silhouette of traditional Japanese gates (torii). When designing, I took inspiration from dry gardens of Shunmyo Masuno. In bustling cities, these little gardens, sanctuaries, roof terraces, and spas offer a heaven of peace, and a place for spiritual purification. I would like this bench to represent a lifestyle: I have time to take delight in the rising sun, and the scenery in front of me.

Designer: Gabor Jutasi


  • Christine says:

    It looks very nice though it doesn’t look very comfortable. You’d likely be sliding towards the center of the bench and squishing yourself with anyone else sitting next to you.

  • Eric says:

    It does look very nice! I don’t think it would be uncomfortable for one person, but I did think about the sliding issue when I saw this too. Might not work for more than two people back to back…

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