Only Label Power Works Here

Upgrading a redundant cellphone means adding to the pile of toxic trash that accumulates all around the world. The Label With Green is a concept phone aims at weaning you off the upgrade mania. To power the phone you need to use ECO-Green Electronic Labels, which are solar paper labels that juice up the phones various components (display, speaker, keypad, camera, and solar battery) independently. So to turn on any function, say display, you need to stick on enough solar labels onto the rear cover to power it.

The more functions of the phone you want to use, the more solar stickers you need to paste on the rear.

The idea is to make you conscious of the amount of toxic waste being accumulated due to improper disposal of electronic gadgets, our greed for upgrades and the amount of energy we consume to power our stuff. Essentially you can use this concept for a variety of gadgets. A noble cause, an excellent idea, but too cumbersome to follow!

Designers: Shao Wei Huang, Chia-Yi Cho, Yu Pei Kuo & Chung Kai Chiang


Label With Green - ECO-Green Solar Electronic Labels by Shao Wei Huang, Chia-Yi Cho, Yu Pei Kuo & Chung Kai Chiang