This pop-up roof camper with highest interior living space will take you on comforting backcountry adventures

Initially, hard-top campers were a prevalent choice for adventurers. Now, enthusiasts favor traveling light with possible additional space onboard. This has boosted demand for function-focused high-popping roof truck campers that empower outdoor enthusiasts to live out in their natural environments without compromising a home’s value or modern aesthetics.

In the last couple of years, many worthy pick-up truck campers have sprung out of Denver Colorado. Jumping into this evolution of reducing weight with pop-up style fixtures, Denver-based Tune Outdoors has bypassed the standard designs to deliver a camper with the industry-best weight-to-space ratio.

Designer: Tune Outdoors

Compromising little on comfort and functional versatility, Tune M1 is an innovation in the field we believe has reached a modernization highpoint. The lightweight, adventure-ready camper is designed to take you anywhere you want to during the day, and to allow you to rest in utmost comfort within the truck’s pop-top canopy extension by night.

The lightweight truck camper, starting at just 360 lbs, allows the cabin to be used for sleeping, cooking, remote working, or even for toy hauling when you’re venturing out for a ski, fishing, or snowboarding adventure. The camper has full-width back and side windows, it employs aluminum extrusions and durable composite corners to withstand all that your adventure tours can throw at it.

Tune M1 comes with a king-size bed designed to hinge for relaxation. Put the bed in recline and you can sit up to gaze out of the panoramic windows. To accommodate a bigger family or group of friends, the camper has a sleeping loft, while the pop-up roof (up to 6ft 10-in of interior headroom) ensures you can stand up in the living area with ease.

As the company puts it, Tune M1 is designed to bring humans closer to their natural environment by offering unparalleled performance and comfort. This is ensured by industry-leading livable space onboard, yet keeping the weight light enough to not impact daily driving.