My Chumby’s Fish!

Chumby(ies?) are a love it or hate it thing for me. For those not in the know, it’s a squishy wireless device that lets you download widget-like applications, everything from an alarm clock to a flickr photo viewer. Bruno Fosi and his creative mind hi-jacked his Chumby and created a goldfish tank networked with other enabled Chumby(ies?).

And YES I know it’s terrible to put a goldfish in a tiny space like that. That’s his fish, not mine.

Sensors on a robot monitor water conditions and report back to you. Because the device is wireless, automated tasks like feeding or medicine administration become a cinch. Now you can go away on long trips without needing a fish sitter.

Wait, that’s not all! A colorful touch screen and webcam enable you to feed your friend’s fish and maintain aquarium health. The Chumby’s accelerometer, compression sensors and microphone allow real-time online interaction with your friends’ fish, using the captured shake and tap movements to simulate vibrations and air bubbles each other’s aquarium!

Designer: Bruno Fosi