My Chumby’s Fish!

Chumby(ies?) are a love it or hate it thing for me. For those not in the know, it’s a squishy wireless device that lets you download widget-like applications, everything from an alarm clock to a flickr photo viewer. Bruno Fosi and his creative mind hi-jacked his Chumby and created a goldfish tank networked with other enabled Chumby(ies?).

And YES I know it’s terrible to put a goldfish in a tiny space like that. That’s his fish, not mine.

Sensors on a robot monitor water conditions and report back to you. Because the device is wireless, automated tasks like feeding or medicine administration become a cinch. Now you can go away on long trips without needing a fish sitter.

Wait, that’s not all! A colorful touch screen and webcam enable you to feed your friend’s fish and maintain aquarium health. The Chumby’s accelerometer, compression sensors and microphone allow real-time online interaction with your friends’ fish, using the captured shake and tap movements to simulate vibrations and air bubbles each other’s aquarium!

Designer: Bruno Fosi


  • Brian says:

    Interesting though it raises questions like are fish social in the ways that this device addresses and if so, do they react to stimuli that has no apparent source (remember, they don’t understand the concept of telecommunications)?

  • Whydoesthisalwayshap says:

    I don't really know what to think of this, but I doubt the goldfish will get much use out of it since they only last 3 days.

  • Whydoesthisalwayshappentome says:

    I don’t really know what to think of this, but I doubt the goldfish will get much use out of it since they only last 3 days.

    • cgsofly says:

      At first I thought it was pointless, like the lamp that’s controlled by Twitter, but then I realized this is actually pretty cool. I heard about a similar device for dogs, except its more suited for the upwardly mobile (sms messages to feed the dog, etc..).

  • Kev50027 says:

    I love my Chumby (I even brought it home with me for Christmas Break), but this is pretty crazy.

  • Glungoe says:

    how about a remote fish feeder? why all the bells and whistles?

  • hossein says:

    the design has undercuts! plz check the section A-A 😉

  • rajesh says:

    the blow volume should be large and mouth shouth shoule small

  • Chumby says:

    This is an awesome Design. A way to feed the fish would be a nice addition.

  • charmingquarks says:

    Does it also act as an air filter?

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