Waiters Chime In!

What kind of friend do you want, waiters? Waiters, what would make your life easier? Would it be… shoes that’ll be kinder to your feet? Naw. How about a hat that has a little mechanical hand which wipes your brow of sweat? Sure? Naw, no. Oh I know! The “Waiter’s Friend!” It’s the swiss army knife of the waiter world!

So you’ve got one of those knives that has a billion accessories, and you have everything you need but then 30 things too many. You’ve got the kind of knife that’s only got the sharp part, but no extras. What’s to do!

Simply put: the Waiter’s Friend. Made for Jme, the Waiter’s Friend includes a foil cutter, a bottle opener, and a corkscrew. After that what’ll you need? A free drink after your shift. Something like… root beer.

Designer: Morph Design Studio

Waiters Friend by Morph Design Studio