Food Balls Around the Neck

You remember the ubiquitous Candy Necklace, right? Many of you probably still indulge in edible jewelry now and again. While the Candy Necklace might not have been designer His-Ju Chang’s primary inspiration, she has certainly refined the art. Using the surplus of the world, here’s the solution to global hunger: the Food Necklace!

Chang proposes that the food surplus in “over-consumption” areas of the world be taken, dried out, and used for nutrition balls. These nutrition balls consist of “whole vegetable or fruit including peel and fresh or root and leaves,” and can be prepared for consumption placing them in water, milk, or soup.

In addition, this product can be made into an urban-landscape product (she compares them to tic-tacs) by making them tiny for small meals and snacks.

Designer: His-Ju Chang assisted by Yu-Lei Chu