Glasses That Don’t Tipple

Downing those umpteen shots of Vodka or Tequila, you may tipple over my friend, but these Cordial Glasses won’t topple! Tipple-Topple; get it? Tip-less Cordial Glasses are clever coz they got an indent at their bottom that fit snugly into the bobs in their ceramic tray. Six glasses to a tray that won’t tip, but if you drop ‘em, they do go crash!

Designer: Scott Denison

Tip-less Cordial Glasses by Scott Denison




  • Carl says:

    a really good design, hope its not been done b4. i like this.!

  • realvger says:

    it’s a really good copy of STARK’s LUX series…

    • Carl says:

      yes correct,just had a look, i retract my comment.

      • scott says:

        Sorry you were disappointed, but I must defend this design.

        Though I’ve never seen the Lux series before today, it’s hardly a copy. And if I had seen it before I would still have submitted it. Every time a designer applies an elegant nuance to an existing artifact, whether it’s a tea kettle, a watch, a coffee cup or a car it’s still a new design — even though these things are not new ideas. There’s a million ways to look at anything. That’s the beauty of design.

        • Jeremiah says:

          Ugh… Spare me guys, the design isn’t a copy whatsoever. It may borrow the idea, but it totally applies it differently, so gimme a break. I like it, good work. And I totally agree with what your saying. It’s next to impossible to be 100% original anymore anyway, the least you can do is learn from others and try to make things your own.

      • Luke says:

        This design does have the advantage of having a base with a more regular shape. I think it’s more to benefit the waiter than the patron.

        Starck’s design pretty much requires you to stick the glass onto its nub every time you put it down.

        • Sameh Khan says:

          And also feels like you’re drinking out of a baby beaker.

          In terms of aesthetics, this design takes the cake. It feels like a glass, looks like a vase…and guess what? It would actually look presentable in a formal setting, a feature that Starck’s LUX products seriously lack.

          Great product, great idea (regardless of the origins), and I agree. That is the beauty of design.

          Form beyond Function, though this has both.

  • roy says:

    so good design.

  • robb says:

    this is amazing desing.
    simple yet practical.
    loved it !!

  • Clemento says:

    In truth, immediately i didn’t understand the essence. But after re-reading all at once became clear.

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