BLUETTI is set to debut its latest range of clean-energy power stations and batteries at IFA 2022

Global clean-energy stalwart BLUETTI will be revealing its latest collection of cutting-edge home and outdoor energy products at IFA 2022. In a world that depends entirely on urban infrastructure for its power needs, BLUETTI is championing what the company calls ‘energy independence’. Its slew of power stations, batteries, and solar panels allow you to live off the grid whether you’re at home or in the great outdoors. The company’s solutions are modular, easy to use, and powerful enough to charge everything from your AirPods to your EV! Attendees at the annual IFA electronics and consumer-goods show can find BLUETTI at Hall 3.2, Stand 211, between 2nd and 6th September 2022.

With over 10 years in the industry, BLUETTI has ensured its products remain at the forefront of what’s capable with energy storage and consumption. The company has leveraged its decade-long R&D capabilities to offer a series of advanced energy storage products, like AC200MAX, AC300+B300, EB70, EB55, AC50S, and solar panels.


The AC500+B300S are BLUETTI’s flagship modular power station and battery setup that can expand manifold to serve a variety of needs both indoors and outdoors. Built with a 5,000W inverter (that also handles 10,000W surges), the A500 can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. It’s designed to take over 99% of all your power needs, with a UPS system that kicks in in just 20 milliseconds, keeping your fridge, microwave, TV, AC, CPAP, and other appliances running. The beauty of the AC500’s system is its modular design, letting you hook up as many B300 or B300S batteries as you need (up to 18,432Wh) to fulfill your energy requirements, whether it’s for an entire home, a cabin in the woods, or just the camper hooked to the back of your pickup. The modular system isn’t limited to just the battery, you can even hook two AC500 power stations together for split phase bonding, doubling your capacity, voltage, and power to 36,864Wh, 240V/6,000W.


Designed to be no larger than your average beer cooler, this ultra-compact power station is light in weight(10.14lbs) and boasts of a large capacity of 268Wh. Perfect for on-the-go power, the EB3A allows you to charge more common objects like your phone and AirPods, but also fast-charge much larger devices like your laptop, lawnmower, electric grill, heck, even your car. It’s practically ideal for carrying on outdoor camping trips, but is equally useful at home during power cuts, emergencies, or unforeseen disasters. The EB3A also pairs perfectly with BLUETTI’s 200W solar panels that can juice up the power-station in just 2 and a half hours, giving you a nearly endless supply of clean, renewable energy.

The company is also slated to debut a new power-station and battery unit, the EP600 and B500, which is capable of outputting 6000W & 4960Wh and can run most home appliances with ease. The EP600 can also support connections of up to 16 battery packs, giving you a staggering capacity of 79KWh. BLUETTI claims that the upcoming EP600 will set a definitive milestone for the power-station industry and is expected to hit the market in 2023.

Visit the BLUETTI website to know more about their products. You can also visit the BLUETTI stall IFA 2022 in Hall 3.2, Stand 211 between September 02nd and 06th 2022.