10 Designs for Kitty, Puppy, Fishy, and Birdy

Everybody loves puppies! And if they don’t, they’re terrible! What this post is all about is the people who are completely devoted to bringing their entire life into the future, the design-conscious future! One that includes not only us humanoids, but out pets too! This is today’s top 10!

Top Ten Pet Designs on Yanko Design

Oh my goodness did you even know we had a pets category? Yeah man, it doesn’t come up that often because it’s just so amazingly elite. Walk along with the cuteness of pets! OH and if you want to know, the puppies in the picture above are my aunt’s dog Penny’s puppies. So cute!

1. Old Soul : in a review by our hero Long Tran, the excellence of the Old Soul series of dog toys is shown fully in the title of one of the products: the “Slobber-Wick bone.” These dog toys are made for your “elderly” puppy.

2. Peepo GPS Device for Guide Dogs : is exactly what the future holds for guide dogs of the future. Assuming we don’t invent the Geordi La Forge seeing-eye visor first, of course. The system works on a vibration system which guides the dog to the given location (with a re-guidance system incase a few wrong turns are took.)

3. Dog Brick : Again with the review! Long Tran again tests a product on his lovely puppy dawg Miko. This time it’s a game which makes the doggah smarter! Made out of plastic or wood, this “Dog Brick” teaches a dog basically the same way a test-mouse learns through trial and error.

4. Duplex Bird Cage / Aquarium : This is a fabulous design if you’re in with the fish and bird collecting crowd. But here’s something special, if you’re up for a larf: check out the original post for a 41 comment yell-a-thon over the ethical treatment of tiny tropical fish and house-birds!

5. HARK Acoustic Transmitter Concept : I know what you’re thinking. What if I’m a collector of gigantic fish and underwater mammals? What If I have a flock of dolphins, and I need to hear them at night when I look at them through my bedroom window which shows their tank? Well look no further! In a concept that’s basically a doctor’s stethoscope, you too can hear your pet whale!

6. Infinity Aquarium : Getting a bit fishy again, we’ve got quite the tank here. This one’s not going to house your 2 ton aquatic mammalia, but it will hold those little tropicals we just argued about a minute ago. Look to Anthony James for clues on how to clean this tank.

7. OKKO Ceramic Bird Feeder : Birds! Ahhh! They’re loose again! Watch your head, don’t let them get at your eyes! Tell them about the new bird feeder we just set up for them! Maybe they’ll calm down when they realize how amazing it is! They’ll really dig it’s modern look and simple features!

8. Jamboree Dog Hammock : Let’s b-reel here for a minute and agree that puppies are the real pet. And puppies, they need beds. They need lovin, they need treats, they need to know how to do a high-five, and they need beds. Nice beds. This is a nice, fantastically colored bed that any right-minded puppy will love. Can’t know what those left-minded puppies like though, they’re nuts.

9. Bikube : Wait, what the heck is that thing? You might be asking. Well I’ll tell you! It’s an “urban beehive.” …Oh. Bees. I don’t want to keep bees as pets! But hey! Bees are good for the environment. And they make honey! And they are always very fashionable. You’ve got to love bees! This “Bikube” is a home for those people who wish to keep their very own lovely trading spaces approved home environment looking modern at the same time as keeping their bee population shacked up nice!

10. DogPot : Still and always my favorite puppy concept because it’s PINK and SILLY and WONDERFUL and I got to use the word Shipoopi when I wrote about it! One of the funniest and funnest concepts on Yanko Design I think of all time, and it’s made for poopies. Yay!