The Italian Made Rizoma 77/011

Why do bikes have to be this sexy? The Rizoma 77/011 makes me rethink my main mode of transport. Love the sleek design, and that’s carbon fiber btw – aluminum only plays accent here. With the number of growing urban bicyclists, I’m not surprised designers are paying more attention to design and functionality that plays well inside the urban jungle. The most unique feature is switching from a single speed fixed wheel to a fixed-gear. All this through an ingenious rear wheel equipped with two pulleys to freely choose from.

The deceptively minimalist aesthetic belies the technology. Look at how the frame curvature makes the bike seem as if it’s always in motion. Everything around it is adjustable. The simplest feature on the bike is the belt drive. The not so simple thing to do is deciding on white or black. I’m partial to white. It somehow makes the bike larger than life.

Designer: Rizoma


  • PK says:

    So simple, pure and beautiful. Like music and art.

  • Ben Koros says:

    Finally a designer, who actually ‘understands’ the concept of a bicycle, and designs accordingly. Excellent job!

  • Wow, I love this bike. What a price tho, almost 3800 euros. But it is a beauty

  • mif991 says:

    Agree with above comments. Nice job.

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