Single Hand Cook

It’s easy for us folks to work in the kitchen, simply coz we have two hands. Fracture, permanent disability, paralysis to one side…such situations don’t discriminate and make doing regular stuff like cutting apples, peeling oranges, slicing veggies, buttering a toast; a challenge. The One-Hand Kitchen Equipment is designed for people who use can use only one hand, and the beauty of the products (7 in all) is that both lefties and righties can use it with ease.

This is specialized kitchen equipment includes one- handed food cutting equipment, one- handed different diameter tubes opener, one- handed fruits and vegetables cutting and peeling equipment, one – hand changeable graters, food box, equipment for peeling eggshells, elements for stabilizing foods like bread (while buttering etc.). The design includes pins for gripping the fruits and non-slip rubbers to add stability. The brown color pieces are the moving parts in the system.

I really like the well thought out process for various food items. While preparation is only one half of the battle, cooking and cleaning up afterward is another.

Designer: Gabriele Meldaikyte


One-Hand Kitchen Equipment for Handicapped People by Gabriele Meldaikyte












  • Tina L Rakowski says:

    How can I purchase one of these items ?

  • Tina L Rakowski says:

    How can I purchase one of these items ?

  • Jade says:

    Is EVERYONE missing the fact that this is not being produced and that there is NO plan to produce it? Scroll up and read what the designer said! This is just a graduation exercise. It is not being produced!

  • Avi Golden says:

    Hi, I like the “Single Hand Cook”. It’s really good!!

    I was wondering, Adler Aphasia Center in Maywood, New Jersey is a lot of people who his aphasia. Maybe, I want to talk to you about coming to the program and visiting and maybe talking about “Single Hand Cook”.

    That is okay, right?

    Please, talk to me, okay?

  • I wanted to thank you for this excellent read!!

  • Alexzandria says:

    hi my name is Alexzandria and i have cerebral palsy on my left side and need this how can i get it i love it

  • Erick says:

    Please let me know when it is available for sale!

  • Angela Hartmier says:

    I have seen many people with the question about where to buy it. Does this product truly exist and how can I purchase it for my daughter who has a nerve injury from birth.

    Thank you!

  • marilou patrick says:

    Hi l am working at mentally retarded or
    Special adult people, which we need adaptive
    Plates, if you can send me pictures so we can orders please . Thank you very much. Have a blessed and wonderful day.

  • Kay Gallagher says:

    How to purchase?

  • laura says:

    could you please send me a price for the single hand cook please

  • marybel says:

    How can i get the single hand cook

  • marybel says:

    How can i get the single hand cook

    How can i get the single hand cook

  • Ed Elvidge says:

    please send info regarding how I can get this product. I truly need it.

  • Ruth says:

    WHY! is this not being made??????

  • Julia Navarro says:

    Where or how can I purchase the single handed cook? I have a relative that had a stroke and would really benefit from it. Please let me know how much and where I can purchase one. Thanks

  • Vicky says:


    My mom needs this. Where can I buy one? Thanks. Vicky

  • Barbie Ritter says:

    Where can I purchase this product?

  • judi shutz says:

    how do I get this one hand delay?

  • chris brichta says:

    Please help me, one hand delay? Neat idea! :):):):):)

  • Dear Gabriele,

    Hello. Please would you make a few of these so I may purchase one? I had a stroke at the age of 36. I am now 51, and I love to cook. I only have the use of my left hand now, and after reviewing all of the information on the internet, I really want one of these!

    I will help you get started in producing these. Please contact me! All of my information is on my Website.

    Pamela Hedden

  • Liz Cormack says:

    Where can this be purchases.

  • Deborah Knecht says:

    Is there anyway you can order one of these? If you can what is the price.

  • avra cohen says:

    Would buy this in a flash, but if it is unavailable I’d like to build something similar for a relative that just broke her shoulder. Any hints or suggestions?

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  • Beth says:

    Hi Gabriele!
    This is a great design. If possible, please let me know when this will be available for purchase. Thank you!

  • Rebecca says:

    Hi, just wanted to say I’m my moms primary caregiver since her stroke 6 yrs aago…it is a miracle she is still with us. The stroke hit 80% of the left side of her brain leaving her right side paralized, after wonderful therapy she has the use of her right leg and walks with some help. She has aphasia but can speak very well considering. We are still working on her right arm tho, she still is unable to use it and loves to cook. I’ve search high and low for aids to help her but nothing has come close to your design. She’s my best friend and would love to give her some independence back in the kitchen, she’s been a wonderful mother to me and my children, to help her as much as she’s helped me. Would you please let me know when this becomes available to purchase? For many like my mom it would change their lives in such a beautiful positive way! Excellent job!! Thank you…

  • chris says:

    I would like to purchase this. How do I get it? My husband had a massive stroke @37 and is paralyzed on the rt side. this would an incredibale help.

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  • Kelly C says:

    I had a stroke 22 years ago and that will be good for me to do everything I do. will help me so! where can get one how much is

  • Cindy Knutson says:

    I would love to purchase this for my husband. Could you email me contact information or website on how to purchase this?

  • Adeniyi says:

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  • Kathleen says:

    Where can I buy this. Any suggestions where to find one similar

  • Ingook Kim says:

    I’d like to seriously buy this one for my friend who lost his half of arm since a terrible accident happened and loves cooking. Seriouse truth is when he cooks with his shorter arm, it causes scoliotic spine badly. I wish the designer would consider to produce it in near future.

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