The iSmart In Television

All the great things you ever wanted in a TV, they can be found in the Smart TV Concept. WiFi, gesture control, currency conversion, weather report and much more! I agree that as a concept you can keep adding features that please you but if we look at this smartly, then the panel kinda design nails it for me. What do you think?

Designer: Vladimir Ogorodnikov


  • ulumulu says:

    its a big waste of space , just to show date / time /celcius !

  • DSTR-Air says:

    Why is the second screen so big? Would be interesting if the second screen would be smaller, and in case the second screen stays this size, why don’t allow it to also send out images? Split screen options, gaming on 2 screens, larger images for movies, wifi connection so the screen does not have to be attached?

  • Kid says:

    Wait. Why is supplementary information given such prominence? The focal point on this TV is way off.

  • Aieee says:

    Very nice I am very much delighted that I could see very nice GR8 work on iSmart televisin Design.

  • Maryaa says:

    i am fully impressed with your designs. Your Collection is great..

  • Vladimir says:

    Спасибо! очень приятно

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