Weird Cups

Take a taste! The oddities we’ve had here at Yanko are some to throw you for a twist, and this is no exception! No exception at all! Pour yourself a glass of the old Winyard with the milk can, or dip yourself some savory flavor with the oil platter! Shovel yourself some salt with the cellar or dump some vinegar on your dish with the flask!

These are all bits and pieces from the porcelain tableware set designed by Aldo Bakker. Take a peek at the exquisite handiwork crafted into each piece. Each piece so simple, each piece so very unique.

Only in this set would the water carafe of such a caliber look so very normal. It looks downright average compared to the pipe-like milk can!

Drink up!

Designer: Aldo Bakker




Porcelain Tableware by Aldo Bakker