ROCKin’ Tableware

Carved from volcanic stone, Lava Plates are handcrafted to textural and polished perfection. Natural yet ultramodern, the set is equally suited as unique dining tableware or a sculptural display. An integrated brass candlestick holder makes the set perfect for nighttime entertaining.

Designer: peca


  • Tom says:

    These would be awesome until you actually used them and then had to try to clean them. I doubt you would ever get the food out of the pours in the volcanic rock. I think they are better left to sculptural display, but you will need compressed air to dust them.

  • Raj says:

    Wow!! Just Awesome!!!

  • bydandan says:

    I designed tableware to serve satay. At first I will use this type of material, but consequences will hard to clean up. so I used basalt stone rather lava stone, just switch smooth n rough surface. Except it designed for one time use.

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