The Pitch of The Pitcher

The Pitch♪er. Can you see that little musical note? I hope you can, because that’s what’s up here. Music. See the pitcher (or the glass, or the tin,) or anything else that contains liquid and works in this way: flick the container with your finger. It makes a sound. Drink some of the liquid, and flick it again. It makes a different sound. How does this work into a plan for another unique “Mactastic” invention? Look ahead!

There is noone quite like Mac Funamizu. He can churn out wild quality ideas like they’re so many candy bits from a bag. The Pitch♪er works like any other pitcher except for the tuning bar handle and the mallet which strikes the bar.

As you can see in the simple chart below, the higher the liquid level, the higher the note. If the liquid is gone, the note is low!

Designer: Mac Funamizu