What a Way to Drink Whiskey


For anyone who appreciates their whiskey chilled or mixed in a craft cocktail, the Rauk Heavy Tumbler will change the way you enjoy the spirit. It features an extruded chevron design that radiates from the center to provide friction points for muddling. Despite being quite a heavy glass, it sports a captivating shape that appears to float in thin air.

As unique as its shape and aesthetic, the construction process also differs in that the entire surface of the tumbler, inside and out, is formed from a single moment of machine-pressing the molten crystal into a complex five-part mold. The result is a stunning geometric shape that’s only enhanced by the beverage you put in it!

Designer: Sruli Recht of Norlan

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Taking its name from the Old Scottish word for “Rock,” the glass has been developed for whisky drinkers who prefer their spirit chilled, whether with an ice sphere or simply on the rocks.


Muddling Chevron Feature

The inner base hosts a specially developed multi-chevron cross-shaped extrusion, engineered to grip ingredients during the muddling process. The chevrons of this specific pattern evolved through dozens of design iterations in search of an elegant and ideal form to aid in the art of cocktail making. The goal was to grab hold of the waxy and slippery peels and arrest their movement while you, the cocktail maker, muddle them back to life.


Compass Base

The base of the Heavy Tumbler, precision-modeled, touches down on four crystal points, making surface contact while giving the appearance of hovering – a satellite in spirit. Naturally, we wanted the heaviest glass you own to appear to float.

Turn the glass upside down, and the three-dimensional surface of the base reveals itself as a jewel-like compass, guiding you, fellow whisky traveler to your true north.