Biggest Hugest Tricycle

The biggest hugest tricycle in the whole world has been conceptualized by designer Randall Marin. It is a bit different from what you might think of as a tricycle; that being either the tiny red tricycle for children or the giant tri-motorcycle you see in parades most often. This is made for urban transport and exercise – with it’s main aim being gaining attention, motivating others to get exercise too.

1800 x 1500 x 1100 mm.

Maximum capacity:
180 Kg.
Was simulated on SAP program.

Marin aims for this project to be “low material vs. high volume” and all of the pieces are recyclable. The “Triclo” is offered in a variety of lovely colors (as you can see below) and is aimed at all those who wish to stand out while getting lots of exercise.

Designer: Randall Marin