This saucer-shaped light fixture hangs by electric wires like a yo-yo to look as if it’s floating midair!

Light in Tight is a line of saucer-shaped light fixtures that hang from electric wires just like a yo-yo, designed by Seungheon Baek and Jinhyeong Kwon.

Our interior spaces can be transformed with the right lighting. Through the years, the iterations of desk lamps and standing light fixtures to come from designers have truly been endless. Considering the necessity of light in interior spaces, light fixtures will remain relevant in the design world for decades to come. Inspired by the fastening potential of taut telephone pole wires, Seungheon Baek and Jinhyeong Kwon developed Light in Tight, an innovative light fixture design that gives the illusion that it’s floating in midair.

Struck by an image of the moon stationed brightly behind tangles of telephone wires, Baek and Kwon found both practicality and aesthetics for their lighting design. Light in Tight is comprised of three components: an electric wire power supply, three different types of lights, and a clamp-in screw mechanism. Holding the fixture’s glass coverings together, the clamp-in screw fastens the light bulb’s container and provides a point of tension for the electric wires to be pulled taut.

The power supply electric wire loops over the hyperbolic shaped light fixture, kind of like a yo-yo, to keep it in place while the wire ends find respective hanging points. Light in Tight can be configured midair in numerous positions, transforming the height, direction, and movement of the lighting as it changes.

The most amount of luminosity coming from Light in Tight is emitted towards the floor, while our periphery sightlines remain dim. Moving from the light fixture’s brightest section, the translucent covering grows in opacity towards the top. Shaped like a saucer, Light in Tight has a unique look that would complement modern interiors nicely, while remaining familiar enough to feel classic in any room.

Designers: Seungheon Baek and Jinhyeong Kwon

The light fixtures hang from electric wires that loop over the hyperbolic shape of the light bulb’s outfittings.

Light in Tight comes with a small spotlight fixture that hangs the same way as the line’s larger light fixtures. 

From its base, the lightbulb container is translucent, lighting the ground below, then opacifies near the top.