13 Pieces of Wood and 2 Bits of Rope

What do the ingredients in the title make? A table! At least in Aïssa Logerot’s world they do. I might be mistaken on the number of bits of wood, but the equation remains the same: a completely enjoyable build-it-yourself table made from simple, visible parts. Lots of people get down on IKEA for creating low-quality, oversimplified designs, but I say no! The best part is being able to build it yourself, and easily!

Logerot’s on this same tip.

But let’s not tie Logerot to tightly with IKEA now, because this is no Swiss Swedish, miss! This is a French work of design, straight out of Paris. With the cord ye shall tie the table down, and with the cord thou shalt be able to adjust the table with time.

Yes, the table sits in a non-fixed state. The table can be lengthened and extended, tightened and shortened. This kit folds flat, and oh did I mention you can make it into a shelf, a stool, and a seat besides?

Same pieces!

Kinda like Lincoln Logs or K’NEX or Legos, ey?

Designer: Aïssa Logerot

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