Colonel Kebabs Anyone?

One of my fav hangouts cooks the kebabs straight on the table. It’s got a live charcoal grill embedded into the center of the table and skewers of semi-cooked veggies and meats slowly grill over the embers. An enjoyable experience, it can be replicated at home with the Danté Table Top Cooking Platter. Altho Idan doesn’t specifically mention it, I assume he intends to heat/cook the bite-sized portions over a charcoal grill (or similar), enclosed within the ceramic base.

Platter cooking is best when you don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen, yet conjure up an exotic meal. Ideal for a party of four, if you flip the aluminum cook top of the Danté, it holds enuf food for you and your date.

Designer: Idan Arbel




Danté Tabletop Cooking Grill by Idan Arbel