Twist for Tunes and Light


Whether you’re living the remote life or a digital nomad who camps out at coffee shops to work, you know how multifunctional gadgets like this one can enhance your experience. It’s called CAPSO and it combines audio and light functionality into one simple unit.

It’s actually two types of speakers in one. For users who don’t want to wear headphones but don’t want to disturb those around them, its directional speaker design immerses you in music while remaining quiet to others. With the easy push of a button, however, it can turn into a full-fledged Bluetooth speaker to share tunes with friends or colleagues. An integrated light feature makes it possible to work in dimly lit spaces or read in the dark. To cycle between light and audio modes, just give it a twist. You’ll change its form and its function!

Designer: Ju Chia Lee





Turn the head of the speaker to face themselves, and it will automatically activate the parametric sound device to play music only for them. Unlike traditional loudspeakers, parametric speakers are more like a laser beam, with the sound focused with high intensity into a relatively small area.




Turn the head of the Capso speaker vertically and this will trigger as a regular loudspeaker device.



The semi-transparent case is made of cloudy and durable TPU. It provides sturdy protection when the user puts the CAP in their backpack. The case can also be used as a reading light. There are three adjustable LED light bulbs bringing up to 1000 lumen lighting when users are working in a dark place. The top of the case stores one speaker charger cable and one smartphone cable, so users will never forget to bring their charger cable for the speaker.