Tricycle for the tourist-y kind

Here’s a transport category that doesn’t exist yet but most definitely should. Tourist transportation! People with the wanderlust in them usually love the idea of exploring new places on their own, rather than relying on a cab or a tourist vehicle. The Solectrike in that sense is perfect for casual sightseeing. The community cycle can be borrowed from any of the Solectrike hubs across the city. The trike comes in two parts that become a tricycle when joined, allowing you to ride around the city in style, absorbing the view in a completely open way. The trike can be split back into two components, the bike, and the trolley. The bike can then be locked to any standard bike stand, while the tourist can wheel around the trolley that comes with its own compartment for your money, camera, passport and whatnot! So much better than taking an Uber to sightsee!

The Solectrike is a Red Dot Design Award winner for the year 2016.

Designer: Liu Chen