Make meal prep hassle-free again with this space-saving cutting board!

One of the biggest lifestyle changes for me was meal prep, it eliminates the fuss of deciding what to cook every day and made grocery shopping so much easier. One of the best parts was I didn’t have to order out when I was at work and it made me realize how quickly “But it is just $12!” adds up when you practically do it every other day. Seems like everyone was riding this meal prep wave till we were hit with WFH and that sudden change the pandemic brought on derailed the most disciplined people. For me, I stopped meal prep because I was adjusting to working from home and doing chores at the same time. So I started snacking throughout the day instead of cooking a meal because who wants to clean after a perpetual Monday (that is what it feels like in quarantine)? Enter TidyBoard! It is not wearing a cape but it is here to make your life easier and get your good eating habits back on track!

TidyBoard was designed to encourage healthy eating and turn it into a sustainable lifestyle change instead of a trend (looking at you, juice cleanse!). It streamlines your prep with strategically placed strainers, catches, and containers on the end of the cutting board so there is more to eat and less to clean. It keeps food and scraps separate and allows you to strain hands-free. When you are done with the chopping and cutting, one swipe of your hand will clear it all. TidyBoard is constructed from bamboo which is antibacterial and durable enough to last for years making the wear and tear worth the effort. Bamboo also makes it lightweight and eco-friendly. “The TidyBoard was mindfully influenced by math and physics. Our board is engineered as a lever to stay steady even with a heavy load in the containers,” says the team.

The product is calculatingly made to optimize your counter space and the collapsible containers make it super easy to prep and store. It can hang off the edge of your sink which actually makes you use less of your countertop for prep and you don’t have to worry about losing precious produce or fresh pasta to your sink! The cutting board acts as a lever to help hold the weight of the catch – it can hold up to 9 lbs of food in its container while hanging off your counter (do you even lift?). The BPA-free Food Grade silicone containers are made collapsible to save 50% of drawer/cabinet space which makes it perfect for small kitchens or homes that don’t have a lot of storage. The large catch and containers have volumetric and measuring marks to aid you in your prep so that you are never short on a meal because of wrong calculations! The collapsible strainers are nestled into the end of the board for cleaning or straining hands-free. The kit includes snap-on lids so you can store them in the containers right after prep. The lids also have a vent which makes it easy to microwave so you can store and eat from the same container.

Gordon Ramsey will be very pleased with your kitchen work ethic because TidyBoard keeps it clean and clutter-free. Say goodbye to chaotic cooking and welcome spick and span prep…something Monica Geller would say and we would absolutely agree with her! So prep ingredients without any stress, strain pasta, store cuttings, soak fruits and veggies, compost scraps, and serve up a whole cheese platter too if you feel like! It is hard enough to sanitize everything all the time, work from home, do all chores, so the last thing you should have to worry about is your meals and cleaning up after you cook. Bon appetit!

Designer: TidyBoard

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $99 (20% off). Hurry, only 3/3620 left, under 48 hours to go! Raised over $568,325!






Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $99 (20% off). Hurry, only 3/3620 left, under 48 hours to go! Raised over $568,325!