Travelin’ Light

There is nothing I love more than to see a design that is super practical, super stylish and one that I would love to have at my home. A cross between a tree and a lamp-post with glowing orbs, Vaka will be the life or “LIGHT” of the party. No matter what mood you are in – chillin’ out listening to some tunes, romantic evening with your special someone, or a bass thumping party, Vaka will be your perfect companion. The lights can be twisted off and placed anywhere you might need more light, and once they go out, you can twist them back on to the post for a full recharge. The coolest part? The bulbs are made out of silicon, and can be squeezed to turn them off or on or twisted to make the light more dim or brighter. Awesome concept from designer Ian Bach. I never knew light could be so much fun.

Designer: Ian Bach