Travelin’ Light

There is nothing I love more than to see a design that is super practical, super stylish and one that I would love to have at my home. A cross between a tree and a lamp-post with glowing orbs, Vaka will be the life or “LIGHT” of the party. No matter what mood you are in – chillin’ out listening to some tunes, romantic evening with your special someone, or a bass thumping party, Vaka will be your perfect companion. The lights can be twisted off and placed anywhere you might need more light, and once they go out, you can twist them back on to the post for a full recharge. The coolest part? The bulbs are made out of silicon, and can be squeezed to turn them off or on or twisted to make the light more dim or brighter. Awesome concept from designer Ian Bach. I never knew light could be so much fun.

Designer: Ian Bach


  • venomous_duck41 says:

    cool product, rather than turning off a light when you leave one room and turning on another when you get there, just take it with you and set it in its fixture. would be good for late night trips to the fridge/bathroom with out waking everyone up.

    • Christine says:

      Well, there’s such a thing as flashlights. And I can see that this product is basically that, but with a designated base/stand for the particular flashlight/bulb.

  • Wackamole says:

    You know, a famous inventor came up with this idae. But no recharging, no sir. He came up with the idea of beaming the electricity from one point of his lab to another! Yes, it was the father of AC himself, Nicolai Tesla! Like the last commenter stated, it’s just a fancy flash light here.. Moving on.

  • Vincent says:

    Kinda a cool idea. An omni-directional portable light, that stays lit while charged.
    They should add a feature that lets you turn off all the bulbs that are on the rack at once instead of having to squish each one.

    Too bad replacement batteries would be so expensive. Li-ion only lasts a few years, and in this setting they will be dead in a year and a half.

    • zippyflounder says:

      nickle metal hydrite would be a better solution, cheaper and longer lasting in this application.

  • carl says:

    you would need like over 100 to light a room to the same lux level as a standard low voltage compact flu.

    it would be better if they were linked to a solar panel, perhaps outdoors would be a better place for them, bbq’s patio’s etc.

    if i want creative n romantic mood light i crack open a candle.. then i get it on…!

  • Its looking very nice & I think for me it will be the best option to decorate my Christmas Tree.
    I will cover them with thin coloring papers so that Christmas Tree will shine with multiple lighting colors, what say guys ???

  • eric says:

    flashlights don’t dock and recharge in a lamp, therefore, this is not a flashlight concept. it is well concieved and implemented, very interesting

  • yi says:

    the heat of bulb will be the problem to hold, even there is a fabric covering on it

    • zippyflounder says:

      led’s produce almost no heat, and yes there are many docking recharagble “flashlights” out there, so this is just a cute repagaging. Not a big fan of this, should sell well to the ikea crowd and be promply sold on tv via informercial (simalar ones have allready) for 1/2 the price.

  • carl says:

    LED’s produce almost no heat… Zippyflounder this is a very interesting statement. why ? because it is totally incorrect..

    • TH says:

      Why is it totally incorrect? If about 90% out of the energy going into a “classic” light bulb turns to heat while only about 5-10% into light, and the ratio is pretty much the opposite in LED’s, why would that statement be incorrect?

      • Franck says:

        How much is this nice lighting?

      • prodmod says:

        low power LEDs, the small 5mm round ones, dont produce any noticeable heat when only drawing 20mA. With about 3.3V that is only about .066 Watts.
        But the new high power are 1W, 3W, or 5W LEDs and they do produce a lot of heat. That is why they have heat sinks.

        LEDs by nature are more efficient than incandescent bulbs, but that doesnt mean they dont generate heat. They do produce more light per watt than incandescent but if you put 1 or 3 watts of power through a tiny 5mm piece of electronics you are going to make it hot.

        In the concept above, and by looking at the photos I would guess the designer indended to use low power 5mm LEDs so heat would not be an issue. But you also dont get much light from it. It would look mostly like a mood light or night light.

  • boaz says:

    I don’t notice a retail outlet for the lights in the article.

  • jin_woo_han says:

    COol~Please make it harder for our childern~to play pitching ball at night

  • jake says:

    i want this.

  • Gemma says:

    Ian, Congratulations on pursuing this fantastic design concept. I remember meeting you and seeing your design at your degree show, and I am so pleased to randomly come across it again on this website. A beautifully executed product which engages with its user in a fun yet sophisticated way. A product I would love to own.

  • francisca says:

    i loved this lihgtening concept. actually, i’ve been looking for rechargeable light bulbs to use in some lamps that are placed where there is no near electric source. i would like to know where to buy and how much does the tree cost.

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