Real Sharpness Comes Without Effort

Knives scare the hell out of me. Sharpening knives is pretty much out of the question. I’m no Chao San Poi. But this fully-enclosed knife sharpener seems to be the key to precise cuts for those who only like to be near the blunt side of the blade.

Some words from the designer, Adam Clark: “Eliminates the skill and safety concerns surrounding traditional knife sharpening equipment. The Sliding sharpening mechanism broadens the products capacity to function with particularly dull knives. The mechanism is enclosed within the case and automatically adjusts to match the curvature of various blades.”

Take the sharpener, place the blade inside, click shut, sharpen, click open, done! The sharpener clicks apart for easy cleaning. It fits most knives. I can slice my enemy* in half with ease! *My enemy is Peanut Butter + Jelly Sandwich, whom I then consume!

According to Adam Clark, this sharpener will be available for purchase early 2009 through the design’s sponsor, Salter Housewares.

Designer: Adam Clark


  • Vincent says:

    How the hell does sharpening a knife scare you?

  • Chris Burns says:

    Man. Knives are sharp.

  • Berkana says:

    This is not a new design by any means; in the 1970’s, a knife company called Wilkinson marketed a kitchen knife that rubbed its edge against a pair of crossed ceramic sharpeners each time it got drawn out of its storage sheath, ensuring that it was always sharp and ready for use with each draw.

    • zippyflounder says:

      I remember them, it worked really well too.

    • iSH says:

      Well yea but that was a stationary sheath, this is more portable but still it follows the same concept. All this one does it make it more ‘movable’ and sleek looking. In which most of the concept stuff do..just make things look cool.

      • Keith says:

        How is it more portable? The concept I have seen which is exactly what Berkana is talkig about looks very similar to this one, and the same size. Look on the pampered chef website as well.

  • mini says:

    ….. how many size ……

  • Melv says:

    lol. i like the concept

  • powers says:

    I just punched a hole in my finger the other day sharpening a knife. It happens. Although the concept I have seen other designers take a stab at.

  • pope says:

    I liked the design but as Mini I just wonder how many sizes you would have to need for all different sizes of knifes there is in a normal kitchen?

  • DennisSC says:

    Kind of high tech looking and pretty yet, yes, scary. Wonder how long before we see something like this in some kind of high-tech slasher movie…..

    • Chris Burns says:

      Chairman of the Board 2 : Carrot Top Goes Postal … Sponsored by Yanko Design

  • Banana says:

    I seen something like this before, except not as flash. But does the same purpose.

    Sorry to spoil your design, but it is already been created.

  • Saltynay says:

    You have been beaten to it this is not original pampered chef has been doing it for 3+ years and the container sharpens the knife at the same time.

  • Simon Grant says:

    Already exists
    Although the sheath is only formed to sharpen the one knife that fits, and it only sharpens when you take it out or put it in.

  • Nan says:

    This’ll just make the world more complicated…

  • Someone says:

    You do realise that as you sharpen the knife more and more , it will get less tall as a blade , therefore won't stand in the support mechanism in the same way :/ !?

  • Someone says:

    You do realise that as you sharpen the knife more and more , it will get less tall as a blade , therefore won't stand in the support mechanism in the same way :/ !?

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