The Science of Food

When we sit down to eat we rarely consider the actual physical & chemical processes that occur in order to make our food as tasty as it is. If you think about it, a kitchen isn’t all that different from a laboratory. With this concept in mind, the Eating Objects series of “tableware tools” encourages diners to interact with their food on a multi-sensory level. Used in combination with an animation guided table, the user is instructed step by step to create their unique dish, creating a more in depth & challenging eating experience.

To avoid overstimulating the user, the aesthetics of the tools have been kept extremely minimal, using familiar materials. Copper was chosen for detail due to its ability to age beautifully, and retain marks from each human user which adds a personal element to the experience.

The table was designed to act as a blank canvas for the animations, food products, and tools. Besides housing the projection system, the detail of the legs and minimal white top add to its simplistic beauty.

Designer: DesignGoat