Shovel, Rake Or Blow; Take Your Pick

The “Silver Generation” as referred to by designer Theresa is an ageing, independent lot who rely on simple technology to help them perform their daily chores. Stuff like mowing the lawn, shoveling the driveway or raking the leaves was once done by their children for allowances, is now to be done by them. BUD – E is meant to help this generation (who is most often bogged with some age-related medical issue) do such outdoor tasks with ease and independence. The biggest USP…a single machine performs all the aforementioned tasks.

Design Function

  • 365 BUD-E eliminates the physical aspects of outdoor work and saves you time, as well as reducing stress and noise pollution, allowing you to stay safe and enjoy your garden throughout all the seasons!
  • It is equipped with sensors and a computer which the product uses to communicate with the user. The consumer decides when and where and BUD – E senses it with its computer.
  • Wintertime BUD-E functions as a snow blower, using a brush instead of metal components for a safe autonomous option but none the less as effective. Whenever it starts snowing a snow sensor gives BUD – E the signal to start working. Since BUD –E works continuously the product will never have to deal with really big piles of snow, making it a more compact product suitable for other outdoor chores. BUD –E works 24/7 if needed and gives you the pleasure of snow and stress free winter. Wintertime you can also mount a container on BUD-E to spread out sand or salt.
  • Summertime you easily change the front to a mower front, and have BUD –E to continuously mow your lawn making the cut of grass so fine that it works like manure or you can choose to let BUD-E work only once every week but then collecting grass in a container. This option could be perfect for summerhouse owners in need of mowing at two places.
  • When fall comes you can collect leaves by changing the front back to a brush and either collecting the leaves in the container or brushing the leaves forward.
  • The product has in-wheel motors which frees space in the product body for other functions. It is driven by rechargeable batteries making it a less polluted option eliminating any noise pollution.

Designer: Theresa Berg

BUD – E Outdoor Assistant For Snow Shoveling, Leaves Raking by Theresa Berg





  • Carl says:

    snow removal my bum. this would sink into the snow.

    as for leaf and grass how much would it hold? the old duffer that bought it would have to be bending every 5 mins to empty it. if it works that is.

  • sorry lass, you got the market right (as a silver warrior myself) but a auger system is not compatible with robotic operation. Try to think things trough, such as if it picked up a rock or your def slow moving dog was in the way, red snow is so unappealing.

  • M.S.W. says:

    Leaf Vac / Mower combo sounds good. But I concur with Zippy. Nix the Snowblower. Mainly for safety reasons. But also at that small size (as well as limited battery power) it would have no chance of clearing out the pile of snow in front of the driveway/walkway that was nicely left there by the city street plow truck.

  • AlienzExist says:

    Things like this will definitely be made in the future, but keep the features realistic. It looks good and I want one, but I dont need it to be able to vacuum my lawn with a roto-brush. One pass over dogsh!t and you’ll be sorry.

  • Kotalik says:

    Nice design, looks good, as well as presentation. Also I like all the things it can do. But I must say there are already designs like this with Snow, Leaf and, mower combos in them. and all the ones I have seen look very close to this one. Right down the the color scheme. Also I own an electric mower and even with its current battery (which is by no means cheap or old) it has a hard time getting through a decent sized lawn. So this tiny litte thing that mows/collects grass, Blows snow, and collects/moves leaves doesn’t seem possible due to its size and power source.

  • George says:

    Is this unit for sale?

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