Car of Magnetic Proportions

You’ve got the need for the speed in the streets. You’ve got to go faster than your crappy metal-on-metal jalopy can take you. Faster, harder, stronger! Check out the Nissan-Motivity 400C concept by Tryi Yeh. The 400C has the Maglev engine system in each tire, making it quite floaty and speedy. The 400C has a wild, new triangle shape that reduces drag, while the driver seat controls retain their classic build (although, as you’ll see, you still might have a time getting used to the seat!)

A little more info on the Maglev concept:

The use of the physical properties of magnetic fields generated by superconducting magnets to cause an object (as a vehicle) to float above a solid surface.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

This method has the potential to be faster, quieter and smoother than wheeled mass transit systems. The technology has the potential to exceed 4,000 mph (6,400 km/h) if deployed in an evacuated tunnel.


The above speed(s) are, of course, assuming you’re rocking a bullet train on the magnetic-levitation tracks. With a car using maglev wheels, the benefit is much, much less. But a benefit nonetheless. Rock them wheels!

Designer: Tryi Yeh

Nissan Motivity 400C Maglev Vehicle by Tryi Yeh 01

Nissan Motivity 400C Maglev Vehicle by Tryi Yeh 02

Nissan Motivity 400C Maglev Vehicle by Tryi Yeh 03

Nissan Motivity 400C Maglev Vehicle by Tryi Yeh 04

Nissan Motivity 400C Maglev Vehicle by Tryi Yeh 05

Nissan Motivity 400C Maglev Vehicle by Tryi Yeh 06


  • M.S.W. says:

    As a car for a video game this would be nice.

    But as a design for a real world car how ever…

    Question for the designer. How is the MagLev technology being implemented in the wheels? Maglev trains work by either using stationary magnets in the rail to attract/repulse against to function.

    The body work around the wheels are so low that it can’t handle even the smallest bump or slightest incline with out causing damage to itself.

    The ingress/egress of the vehicle would be a PITA unless the occupants are VERY thin to squeeze by the seats. The flip up canopy looks nice, but would let in alot of rain/snow. Not to mention a good cross wind would probably flip it. Also the full open height would negate use in any average parking garage (except the never lands of the top deck)

  • “mag lev” wheels and mechanical disk brakes….come now would not regenerative braking be SOP?

  • cswf says:

    WOW!! cool

  • AlienzExist says:

    WOW ZOMG!!! Ugh. Dime a dozen these days with “my car does this” and “it runs off that” I would have treated the white wheel cover differently, it looks clunky compared to the nice aesthetics of the rest of this spacey car-type thing.

  • Andy C says:

    Very reminiscent of a Spinner from Blade Runner – save for it doesn’t fly! Beautiful design but don’t think we’ll be seeing anything too similar on our roads in the near future!

  • tryi says:

    hi guys:

    thanks your any expression.
    i know it is very important to design’s workable.
    but some times. i just want to made some works to be i like.
    and i know the car have a lot of problem by myself.
    I think…not only design or concept, there will should be more possibility in future.
    good concept = good design? or bad concep = bad design? i don’t know.
    i just do that i want to do.

    BTW : i’m sorry about my bad english.

  • stephen russell says:

    Produce this , Id drive it or rent this.
    Super bad machine.
    Way 2 cool

  • XtremeCustomizr says:

    Like the design, but standard brakes on maglev speed would likely explode.

  • Vern says:

    This is a cool RIDE, and would be a good buy for saving the environment, as well as, being fun. However, as long as there are SUVs, with people who can’t drive driving them, it’s not happening.

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