Meet The World’s First AI Underwater Security Camera Designed For Swimming Pool Safety

While most homes can’t afford a security guard 24×7, technology solved that problem with the AI-powered security home camera that now finds itself in millions of homes worldwide. It isn’t entirely feasible for all homes with pools to have their dedicated lifeguard either, which is why MYLO is looking at being to the pool what your doorbell cam is to your home. Designed to be the first-ever pool security camera that sits both above as well as UNDER the water, MYLO monitors whoever is entering and exiting your pool, giving you a clear picture of kids, adults, or even pets entering and exiting your pool. Touted as the world’s first virtual lifeguard for residential pools, MYLO lets you know when someone’s in your pool, and can even alert you if there’s trouble, helping prevent anyone from drowning or getting hurt.

Designer: Coral Design

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It’s been incredibly hot this past month, and while everyone deserves to take a dip in their pool ever so often, we all know better than to leave kids unsupervised in the water. Drowning still remains the most prevalent cause of death for children globally, and while it isn’t entirely feasible to hire a lifeguard for your home swimming pool in the summer, it’s the kind of job that’s made infinitely easier through technology. MYLO lets you remotely monitor your pool, keeping tabs on your friends or family members as they frolic around in the water. Unlike other pool cameras that sit on walls and poles, facing the pool, MYLO was designed to sit on the edge of your pool, with two camera modules – one on the water’s surface, and another submerged underneath the water to provide 24×7 surveillance and protection, when the pool’s active and even when it isn’t. Data suggests that 88% of drownings happen in an active setting even with an adult nearby. MYLO’s powerful hardware and AI hopes to significantly bring down this statistic by adding an extra layer of safety to pool time!

With its periscope-inspired form factor, MYLO sits securely at the corner of your pool (or on the ledge, if your pool is curved or non-rectangular), with two cameras that monitor the water from the inside as well as out. Video footage from the pool gets sent to MYLO’s smartphone app, while a built-in alarm system within MYLO emits a sharp audio signal if its AI detects anyone drowning. Moreover, MYLO comes with a separate beacon unit that plugs into your home too, alerting you when you’re inside the house of drowning or any suspicious activity. The two cameras work in tandem to determine who’s in your pool, and the AI is trained specifically to identify both struggle-drowning as well as silent drowning, alerting you immediately. However, it does require a wired power connection and needs to be within range of a WiFi network for it to actively work with the app to give you a real-time feed and alerts.

MYLO’s design presents a new, game-changing format for virtual pool monitoring. The upper and lower camera can sense and track people entering your pool. If the submerged camera fails to detect the opposite end of the pool (the farthest wall), it sends you an alert, letting you know the pool’s water may need cleaning. Moreover, if air bubbles stick to the domed outer cover of the camera, a dedicated ‘eyelid’ helps brush the bubbles off, giving MYLO a clear view of your pool once again.

The AI is what truly makes MYLO a powerful virtual lifeguard. While most pool monitors only detect active drowning (when a person is struggling and splashing around), MYLO’s AI also detects silent drowning. Silent drowning affects young children, who can sometimes just quietly slip under the surface of the water without active signs of struggling. MYLO’s AI underwater camera is trained to detect silent drowning too, sending immediate alerts to both your phone as well as its security beacon inside your house, allowing you to quickly save the victim’s life. Sensors within MYLO also keep it active and vigilant at night. If MYLO’s built-in pressure sensors detect any unusual movements in the water after dark, the device sends an alert to your phone for ‘suspicious water movement’, while MYLO’s built-in alarm as well as your home beacon both play a loud, short chirp to scare away anyone using your pool without permission.

Designed to be compact, effective, and work 24×7 (even when you least expect it), MYLO keeps your pool safe and your family safer. The device has gone through thousands of tests and trained simulations in a wide variety of pools with adults as well as children, making its AI incredibly capable with the promise of it only getting better with time. The periscope-shaped MYLO is easy to install, and can either be drilled in place or secured to a heavy tile or even glued to the floor with water-resistant glue, if drilling isn’t an option. The camera has a visibility of 10 yards (10 meters) and a 110-120 degree field of view, giving it great visibility for long or even oval-shaped pools. Each MYLO also comes with the home beacon, which can be plugged up to 100 feet 30 meters) from the main MYLO device, and an app that allows you to monitor pool activity and address alerts in real-time, as well as save images and videos to the cloud for later.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1,299.15 $1,499 (15% off with exclusive coupon code “mupntycz”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours.