Car On The Railway Tracks

Many of us park our cars at the railway station and then catch the local train to work or wherever it is that we have to go. Building on this theory is the Paracité, a single person commuter car that plans on putting the car itself on the rail tracks. Generally there is a 5 miles free space between two trains on a regular railway track. This free space and time can be utilized by these commuter cars to get people going on to their destinations. Essentially just hop into Paracité and drive up to the station and skip the train and wait for your turn; use the tracks till your destination and then drive off in it for the remainder of the journey. Sounds like a neat idea but could become a logistical nightmare for the stationmaster to handle trains and cars!

In case you missed it, the car has a retractable arm that acts as a balance on the railway lines and covers the distance between the tracks. Its tucks away neatly to the side when on the road.

Designer: Matthias Pugin


Paracité Personal Transport Vehicle by Matthias Pugin