Cycle + Air Pump

Inflator Bicycle is a cycle design where the frame of the bike acts as an inflator for cycle tire. This “always with you” bicycle pump is designed by putting inside the frame a connecting bar and a piston. You can pump in air to the tire by simply moving the bicycle seat up and down. The pipe and the gas nozzle hooks onto the cycle frame and it inflates both, the back wheel and the front wheel.

Designer: Ling Xuan Kong


  • Azure says:

    :)) nyaahahaha

  • lion says:

    Really not inteligent solution because too mush expensive.
    Personally I find to combine thinks is not necessary the best way and this one is the worst
    global idea is maybe I say maybe good but the answer is really bad please yanko choose better your project I can improve this one in two minutes it is not normal.

  • uopjo6 says:

    Your solution is probably an attachment of some kind. Boring.

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