Have Fins, Will Swim

Amphibian was developed as an aid for lifeguards (and Baywatch beauties) patrolling the beaches. Comprising of beach shoes and extendable fin modules, the set is meant to help the rescue worker swim up faster towards the victim. On land and in shallow waters, the fins don’t act as a hindrance like the conventional flippers, coz it has a unique retractable system that allows you to keep the modules retracted till you reach the waters. On the way back, after the rescue, a simple jab of the toes on the seabed, retracts the modules once again.

Here are some notes from the designer:

– Carbon fiber blades provide increased propulsion over current rubber fins.
– Elastomer blade covers direct water over the blades ensuring maximum control in the water.
– The retraction system is unique offering the lifeguard improved flexibility, control and speed throughout the rescue process.
– The two products can be separated, ensuring maximum comfort when a rescue is not in progress.
– 10% glass filled Nylon 66 body moldings provide the required flexibility and spring when running but stiffness when swimming.
– The fin module heel clip system is quickly adjustable for different sizes from 5-13 (UK) and holds the shoe securely in place.
– The fin module is easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance.
– Design development and testing alongside the Royal National Lifeboat Association (RNLI) and Loughborough Lifesaving Club.

Designer: Edward Shelton



Amphibian Rapid Response Rescue Fins for Beach Lifeguards by Edward Shelton







  • M.S.W. says:

    A feature that would make this product better would be to have the fins automaticly extend once the foot is clipped on, thus reducing the extra time it takes to extend them by hand.

    • Jimmy says:

      That would make them no more useful in this type of situation than regular flippers. The idea is that the rescuer could move quicker to the water. If they automatically extended once clipped on, the user would be unable to attach them until they reached the water at a depth they would be able to start swimming.

      • Ahmet says:

        That’s right,

        but a little watersensor could solve this:
        extend the blades, when the flip is under water 😉

  • abbey fraik says:

    i think it needs an emergency kit in case you drown, or a instrument to light up if your lost in the dark.

  • PK says:

    The amount of time it takes to clip into the shoes, extend the blades, and retract the blades, I’m sure is more time than the difference between swimming without the fins vs. with the fins.

    Though I could see it marketed as a great recreational gizmo. I hate putting my fins on/off when snorkeling in shallow water, or getting in/out of a boat repeatedly.

  • Kidder says:

    It’s not a bad idea. Like PK says I can see this being more of a recreational gizmo than a real improvement of life-guard equipment.

    It’s also worth mentioning that the designer claims the rigid carbon fibre fins are better than rubber fins for propulsion. This is probably true but the rigid structure would make the kicking strokes harder for the swimmer. Rubber fins can bend and thus reduces the required “kick force” for propulsion

  • Kevin says:

    With traditional flippers, I run into the water with flippers in my hand. When I dive in I roll on my back and put both on in less than 5 seconds. I’m not quite seeing how these save time.

  • Ed says:

    A key requirement for a lifeguard is to keep your eyes on the casualty at all times. In rough water it is very easy to loose someone. With this product it is not necessary to take your eyes off the casualty at any point.

    re the carbon fibre vs rubber argument. You are correct Kidder, rubber is much more forgiving and offers better efficiency than carbon fibre. However for the lifeguard the key requirement is speed, high fitness and a relatively short swim distance makes efficiency less important than for other applications; the lifeguard simply wants to get to the casualty as quickly as possible.

  • boyceUK says:

    What an amazing idea, I know how hard it is to try and run or even walk in flippers so this is a great solution.

    I love the fact that the shoe and fin are different parts and can even see the shoe catching on by itself as a beach shoe. Fantastic styling too, it looks fast and aggressive.

    Its so nice to see someone putting in the time and effort to produce a high quality model rather than just a bit of CAD!

  • Markkit says:

    There are already a bunch of brands that are doing foldable fins..Run to the water and lower the fin flap to swim..


  • douglas says:

    very good concept specially for recreational purposes.

    but I think wearing something stiff would probably slow you down as you run towards the victim. running barefoot could actually be faster.

  • douglas says:

    Run towards the water I mean.

  • Thanks! says:

    I snorkel recreationally, and I HATE walking with my flippers out

  • porto says:

    Very good idea!!! where Can I find to buy one? Someone Can I help me? thanks

  • porto says:

    Very good idea!!! where Can I find to buy one? Someone Can I help me? thanks

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