iGrow Everyday!

iGrow is an innovative flowerpot that meets the demands of our busy schedules, and satisfies our green thumb. The pot is designed to hold a week’s supply of water that automatically gets absorbed by the plant. The design takes care to avoid open stagnant water (a breeding ground for mosquitoes) and protects from accidental spills. It’s well presented and simple to use, making it ideal for lazy people and folks who travel a lot.

Designer: Psychic Factory


  • ioio says:

    good idea but it looks odd !

  • rachael says:

    It’s so cute. Where can I buy it?!!??

  • MIA says:

    Fantastic Idea!

  • Michael says:

    I Would love to get one.

  • dyson says:

    wow!! how to buy this product?

  • lee says:

    Wow. It’s very very innovative…
    I want this pot~

  • James says:

    So it’s a sponge that sits inside the plant pot’s saucer, and you water that so the plant soaks it up throughout a week. Interesting concept and easier to pick up a plant that already has water in the base without spilling any of it, although the amount of times one needs to move a plant when it’s just been watered probably isn’t many. I’d like to ask as most plants can’t have a constant supply of water as they’ll become waterlogged, whither and die, what’s stopping the plant from soaking up the weeks worth of water from the sponge and doing this? I have plants I can only water once every few weeks and I’m afraid if I used this they’d have too much water at their disposal and die.

  • Sarah says:

    Great design!!! Just wondering what’s stopping mold forming or is that the idea, that you have to buy new pads / sponges every few weeks?

  • Plant Stands says:

    What a great idea…surprised we haven’t seen this sooner!

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