Hang Me On A Stylish Hanger

The only variations I have seen on a hanger so far are the wood, plastic and metal ones. Oh not to forget the kiddies’ delights that fleece us in the name of branding. The hotel variety that comes with clips ensures that you don’t snitch any, but basically there’s little innovation done in the hanger-world. That’s till you get a load of the Stylish Hangers by Iota Designs. They look pretty and compliment those expensive suits that you own. USP is the expandable orange rubber ring, which is designed to create stability and the use of superior quality raw material.

Designer: Gordon Yeh & Jason Su for Iota Design



Stylish Hanger by Gordon Yeh for Iota Design


  • Jeremiah says:

    I would totally consider buying these if they weren’t too expensive. Great sex appeal, if you ask me, pretty sophiticated.
    i wish they could come in metalic colours though, that would be epic. I also wish there was something to hang your ties on with the hanger in the form of a clip or designed into the shape of the hanger, but that’s only because I love collecting my ties 😛

  • karl says:

    yeh, but with a jacket on those, there is no “neck” to grab to take them out of the closet.

  • Andy C says:

    I agree with Jeremiah here – metallic hanger with black rubber insert would do it for me! a tie rack add on would also be good as he suggests.

  • Rose says:

    ohhhh, I love these, so stylish!!! Anyone know I can buy this?

  • juicy8914 says:

    Wow~ this thingy is pretty cool~ I would love to have these in my closet.

    What is this made out of? Plastic or steel?

    Does anyone know where to buy them? I hope it’s not $20.00 each. If it’s under $5/pc., I’ll buy it!

  • lukasmama says:

    wow.. these are hangers? can’t believe it… it looks sturdy and the design is very cool… i can totally use them for my nice dresses… is it on the market yet?

  • cindy03 says:

    This is cool!! i like the shape and color~

  • Kayco says:

    Nice! I think this is definitely in style, something I’d love to see in my closet. Where can I get this?

  • mooncake23 says:

    Pretty stylish and unique. I like the different fun color options.

  • michael says:

    very unique design for hanger that gonna look so good with nice clothes on it

  • johnny says:

    i love the design and the colors.. definitely will buy some for my nicer clothes….. where i can buy this, someone help!

  • shea says:

    i love this design, it’s very creative.
    i would like to buy some if i could.

  • JCA says:

    WOW, that is come colorful hangers which will match my clothes! =D

  • Eric says:

    WOW, what a fantastic design, are they available for sell?

  • Kaz says:

    すげー かっこいいなー

  • Mohamed says:

    How do I get on hold to the original designer of this innovative design?

  • Mickie says:

    oh yeah, my clothes definitely deserve hangers of this type

  • Todd says:

    I have much better looking wood hangers in my closet right now. These are even curved to better fit shirts and jackets. Let your clothing be colorful if that’s what you like.

    • Bobby says:

      yeah … they are definitely stylish …

      Overmolded parts? or Separate molded TPU with PS Black with glossy finishing.

      I could make this … price of USD 5 per piece anyone hehe

  • Anna says:

    Fashionable!! It will be great if I can use them in my retail store.

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