King of the Paper Ring

How pretty a princess you will be! Or prince! Or both! A set of rings, all made of basically what you’d call “regular” paper, each one cut out (by you), rolled or folded, and worn monthly (or daily, depending on how rough you are.) Each flower ring corresponds with a month out of the year. There are two sets: one birthday set, and one “yearly” set. Fancy!

TT:NT has for us a simply cute little concept here that involves a little paper, a little cutting and folding, and a lot of giggles. These rings come in one full set (“All Year Rings”) or in singles, packaged as a birthday card (“Birthday Rings.”) These rings follow the following follow-able list of pretty pretty flowers:

January – Carnation
February – Violet
March – Jonquil
April – Daisy
May – Hawthorn
June – Rose
July – Tulip
August – Poppy
September – Morning Glory
October – Cosmos
November – Chrysanthemum
December – Orchid

TT:NT believes that the birth month flowers originated some time in/during the Roman Empire. Wikipedia gives a slightly different list of flowers, but no other info. If you’ve got some insider info on monthly birth flowers, leave a note! That would be awesome.

Designer: TT:NT