GenevaSound Medium Review

Audiophiles are a picky bunch. They know what they like and if a sound system isn’t up to snuff – they pass on it without any chance for reprieve. We’ve only reviewed one other $600+ stereo and that was the B&W Zeppelin. There’s a new challenger, one with more awards and accolades than I can count. The GenevaSound Medium is an audio feast for anyone who wants to hear music the way it was meant to be heard. The design is ultra modern in an approachable sense. Hit the jump for my review.

The GenevaSound Medium or ‘M’ for short is a complete, multi-function stereo system in a hand made wood cabinet. There are 4 speakers independently powered by a 100 watt digital amplifier. Measuring just 7.8 inches in height, 14.2 inches in width, and 10.6 inches in depth, the ‘M’ defies its small footprint with incredible sound.

This is the smallest in the range of speaker systems from Genevalab. Even so, the same core technologies from its larger brothers are somehow magically engineered into this tiny cabinet. It comes with a host of iPod dock connectors to fit almost every iPod ever made, a built-in slot loading CD player, and an FM radio turner with presets. The design is superbly minimal; not a single button anywhere. There’s a red LED display right behind the metal grill and a handy remote for digital control. The model I received is decidedly cherry red – the reddest color you could ever get, and oh my it’s glossy too! Normally a color like this can read very toy-like but the soft curved edges give it an air of refinement; the same way a cherry red Ferrari looks sexy instead of childish. The convex center of the grill is just an aesthetic function to figuratively emote the sense of sound dispersing towards you.

The remote controls everything, from power, audio modes, and even more advance controls like treble and bass for a customized listening experience. The bass in the system is ridiculous – in a good way. I swear I could rattle bones with it. In fact I had to turn the bass levels way down so as not to disturb my neighbors. Playing lossless encoded files from my iPod or a CD really helps the system shine. I can’t describe in words how crisp the sound is. It’s remarkable when you can literally “feel” it. Now of course if you don’t have an iPod, any MP3 player with a standard 3.5 mm jack will work. It just doesn’t look as cool.

What we liked:

  • Minimal design in a variety of colors and even materials to suit any taste
  • Priced at $799, it’s superior to the B&W Zeppelin and Bose Sounddock and has a built-in CD player
  • It takes up much less room than other systems of this caliber
  • The all-in-one design is perfect for those looking to escape messy cabling
  • You can hook it up to the TV
  • Handy remote is dummy proof and controls everything
  • FM turner is very clear considering there’s no ugly exterior antenna
  • Slot-load CD player is very fast and loads music quickly, also plays MP3s

What could be improved:

  • Remote is unable to navigate playlists on iPhone

Designer: Genevalab [ Buy it here ]