Clipset – Bluetooth Headset by Matthias Lange

While other common headsets often affect the appearance of the user in a very technical way, the Clipset is designed to be a comfortable and stylish accessory. If it’s currently not in use the earphone could be wrapped around the device. The interface consists of three buttons. Two buttons for volume control and one power button that is also used to answer incoming calls.

Designer: Matthias Lange


  • Captain Obvious says:

    This might go over well in Japan. I’ve heard stories of people buying wireless headsets for their phones and attaching fake wires so they do not appear foolish talking to themselves.

    One suggestion, however…

    Please make it possible to disable the light. Blinking blue lights are dorky 🙂

  • Feckineejit says:

    also make it compatible with both regular bluetooth chatting and stereo music listening

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