A Guitarist Must Have

The PIK stool combines the joy of playing music with the elegance and comfort of modern furniture design. Targeted specifically at acoustic guitar players, the aim was to design a guitar amp that captures the essence of acoustic playing environments. Aesthetically, the stool allows viewers of the performance to focus solely on the musician without being distracted by other clutter on stage! Check out the vid for the full experience!

Designer: Jarred Christison

PIK stool from Jarred christison on Vimeo.


  • frank says:

    nice idea, my only criticism as a guitarist is that you NEED to have some sort of raised foot rest to help balance your guitar on.

  • niko says:

    Nice looking, but the name could cause problems in my Country, Denmark, or perhaps the designer know, his last name sounds like he got Danish roots.

  • Frank Lee says:

    I’ve been playing for nearly 40 years. 1) it’s a shame you could not get a better player to 2) showcase this incredibly stupid fucking product. Seriously. I am betting I NEVER see one of these in use. Back to the drawing board.

    • Stuart Sesuande says:

      Dear Frank Lee…after loosing upon the world such a foul-mouthed, mean-spirited critique such as yours, seriously, I am betting I NEVER seek out your music to listen to. Back to kindergarten for you. I recommend a course in anger management, stay away from guns and any kind of public forum for the expression of opinions.

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