Dual System Bike

Tired of pedaling around Seattle and San Francisco due to the topography; no worries when you have designers like Brian considering the options for us. The Cykle is a project modeled on the Bike Share systems that is popular around Europe, and it combines both muscle power and electric power to function. Steep slopes and rugged terrain can be tackled by switching over to the electric mode, and scenic by-lanes can be enjoyed by pedaling around.

Brian further explains his concept:

The bike is designed to be zero to low maintenance. Solid over-mold tires remove the possibility of flats; a fully enclosed drive train keeps the rider clean and clothing out of moving parts. When the bike is docked it receives a charge via the two locking points. Every part is made by hand, there are no 3d printed or laser cut parts on the model. Corian by Dupont Aluminum and steel have been used in its construction.

Designer: Brian Mcallister